In Japan, nothing else quite says "summer" like firework displays, shaved ice, yukata and street food.  Running over two days, and with over 10,000 fireworks being set off, Matsue's "Suigosai" Festival is the most famous firework display in western Japan. Even though the fireworks don't start until about 8:00, people start claiming their spots to … Continue reading Fireworks!

Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock!!!

It's coming back!!!!!!! Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock, the highly fictionalized account of Matthew Perry arriving in Japan, meeting Sakamoto Ryouma and battling through music will be back this December!!!!! With the same phenomenal cast as last year, including Rachi Shinji as Ryouma, Sasaki Yoshihide as Okita Souji, Kanesaki Kentarou as Matthew Perry and Kimeru as … Continue reading Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock!!!