Festival Food

When thinking of food from Japan, most people’s first thought is “Sushi!!”. Another amazing part of the food culture in Japan is the food at festivals. Normally at festivals you see lines upon lines of brightly colored food stalls selling a huge variety of traditional (and not so traditional) Japanese food and treats.


Just a tiny fraction of the food stalls that lined ALL of the walkways and open areas during Sanja Matsuri at Sensouji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.


More food stalls at Sensouji – this time during Sakura Matsuri.

Some of the most popular and well known festival foods includes yakisoba – fried soba (buckwheat) noodles with cabbage and sometimes pork and an egg, and usually topped with nori (seaweed) and benishoga (pickled ginger) made quickly in huge batches as you stand there watching.

IMG_1637               yakisoba

Takoyaki – Osaka’s special food, and the most fun to watch being made. From just a

Takoyakigrill covered in pancake batter to a grill full of perfect little balls with a piece of octopus in each! Then they get smothered in takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise and bonito flakes (dried fish flakes)!!! Nom nom nommmm



And of course, everyone’s favorite cabbage pancake!! Okonomiyaki!!

okonomiyaki 2okonomiyaki.png






And for fried food – KARAAGE!!!! Deep fried chicken!


Also, rather less traditional, but also sold – Deep Fried Oreos!

Deep fried oreo










Also, anything……..literally ANYTHING you can put on a stick….

From cucumbers




To hot dogs (called frankfurters when served like this!)frankfurter




An eighth of a watermelon (and various other fruits)IMG_2180


Yakitori – grilled chicken


Or some more……..interesting……….choices

From fish


To octopus arms, octopus made into balls, squid, clams, shellfish…………IMG_1654

And back to more normal



A wider variety of parts of a pig than you will ever see at an average western meatrestaurant (tongue, belly….). They are all set out ready to be grilled when ordered, kept cool by the ice that is put directly on the meat.





Or if you want something sweet – chocolate bananas!


Now getting away from the stick food, but still sweet,

Sweet potato fries


Cotton Candy








Shaved ice – Kakigori

かき氷      And when you are thirsty, you can get some really, really fresh orange juice or grapefruit juice that you drink directly from the fruit!IMG_1661

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