Osaka Castle – Its Always a Party!

Osaka – the second biggest city in Japan, and well known for being the city with the most eccentric personality, and for Osaka Castle.

IMG_1703Osaka Castle, the only traditional Japanese building breaking up a skyline of skyscrapers and the place the last shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, fled to after abdicating his position of shogun, is one of the best places to visit in Japan. It’s always a party here!

IMG_0497 To start, there are plenty of food stalls serving outside the grounds of the castle selling traditional Japanese street foods (Where you really should try the takoyaki – it’s the food that Osaka is famous for!)


Osaka BoatIf you are too stuffed to hike up the steps to the castle after eating, you can take a boat ride around the moat!

Then it is time for a bit of a work out walking over the bridge and hiking up the stairs to the main castle tower.


Before entering the castle tower, can pause to watch one of the free performances that go on throughout the day. On this day, one of the performers happened to be “Performer Kazuma” who performed astounding balancing, acrobatic and juggling feats.

Kazuma 2

The best thing is – if you enjoy the show, you can sit back, get an ice cream, and wait to watch the performer perform again!

Speaking of ice cream – there is absolutely no better place in the world to sit back, enjoy the view, the atmosphere and a green tea (or strawberry…..or chocolate……or any of the above mixed with vanilla…..or banana) ice cream. So,













Now, if you don’t get distracted by the souvenir shops that are right next to the ice cream shops, its time to enter the castle tower, and learn about some history!!! (Three cheers for Yukimura Sanada!!!) The inside of the castle has been redone, and made into a museum. Each floor adds a little more to information about the story of Osaka Castle.

Except for the top floor.

Any breath you might have had left over after climbing up AAALLLLLLL the stairs will be gone because of the view overlooking Osaka (although if you really despise stairs, I believe there is an elevator too).


Finally, after exiting the castle tower, there are yet more food stalls on the far side of the castle grounds, and don’t forget to check out the souvenir shops!

No matter what order you chose to go in, it always feels like a party at Osaka Castle!



Osaka Castle

Performer Kazuma


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