Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle, Japan's first castle designated as a National Treasure, is in Aichi Prefecture, roughly halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto.  A brief bit of history: The castle, built under the orders of Tokugawa Ieyasu, was completed in 1612. It was built to secure an important position on the Tokaido Road to ward off attacks coming … Continue reading Nagoya Castle


Nagoya Live!!!!

Yesterday as a celebration for his 37 birthday, Kimeru sang a concert at Nagoya's ell.SIZE!        The atmosphere, as always at Kimeru's lives (concerts), was electric. He came on stage, starting the concert with one of his earlier hits, "Pleasure of Love", immediately getting the audience involved and singing along. Afterwards he sang … Continue reading Nagoya Live!!!!

My Five Favorite Places in Shimane (and Tottori)

Three hours from Osaka, and four hours from Kyoto by bus is Shimane Prefecture, a beautiful rural prefecture in the southwest of Japan, and one of the first places in people inhabited in Japan, is a rather underrated tourist destination. It is full of beautiful rural and historic places to visit, and bordered by the … Continue reading My Five Favorite Places in Shimane (and Tottori)