Iai Mugairyu International Tournament

There aren't very many times or places that you are able to see almost four hundred people decked out in kimonos and carrying swords, but the annual Mugairyu International (swordsmanship) Tournament is one time that you can. This year's tournament took place on July 29 in Chuuo ku, Tokyo. People from as far away as … Continue reading Iai Mugairyu International Tournament



One food that is not exactly associated with Japan but that Japan sure knows how to do is bread! The Japanese have figured out the perfect combination of "kawaii culture", tastiness and creativity to make some of the cutest and tastiest bread on the planet! Almost too cute to eat! They also theme the bread … Continue reading Bread!!!

Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock!!!

It's coming back!!!!!!! Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock, the highly fictionalized account of Matthew Perry arriving in Japan, meeting Sakamoto Ryouma and battling through music will be back this December!!!!! With the same phenomenal cast as last year, including Rachi Shinji as Ryouma, Sasaki Yoshihide as Okita Souji, Kanesaki Kentarou as Matthew Perry and Kimeru as … Continue reading Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock!!!