Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock!!!

It’s coming back!!!!!!! Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock, the highly fictionalized account of Matthew Perry arriving in Japan, meeting Sakamoto Ryouma and battling through music will be back this December!!!!!BR9

With the same phenomenal cast as last year, including Rachi Shinji as Ryouma, Sasaki Yoshihide as Okita Souji, Kanesaki Kentarou as Matthew Perry and Kimeru as Tokugawa Yoshinobu, it is going to be awesome!! In the story, Perry is a rock star, and is introducing rock to Japan. Okita and the rest of the Shinsengumi are super idols, and keep order in Japan through singing pop music.

From Kanesaki’s (as Matthew Perry; blonde wig) random English lines mainly consisting of “What?!”, “That’s right!” and “Yes!” to Matthew Perry mistaking Okita Souji (purple wig) as being a girl and the two of them having a sing-off, BR6












to the pizza from the shop Ryouma works in popping up at random times and places throughout the show, BR5

Ryouma, Katsura Kogoro, Hijikata and Okita going to bootcamp to try to match Matthew Perry in popularity, Tokugawa Yoshinobu breaking free of Ii Naosuke’s control,

the list of show stopping tunes from “Crash My Head” to “Fukanzan Puzzle” (Incomplete Puzzle), “What’s This?”, “Zeccho Spiral”, “God Breath” to mention a few,BR8


and, if you are on twitter,  check out @bakumatsu69  for the staff of Bakumatsu Rock’s hilarious, always inventive posts that usually involve taking the life sized cutouts of the characters to various places and even celebrating the character’s birthdays,

it is going to be a fun show!!


SO! MINNA!! JUNBI IIKA?! (Everyone! You ready?!)


LET’S ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!




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