One food that is not exactly associated with Japan but that Japan sure knows how to do is bread! The Japanese have figured out the perfect combination of “kawaii culture”, tastiness and creativity to make some of the cutest and tastiest bread on the planet!IMG_4515

Almost too cute to eat!

They also theme the bread to fit the season!!!

Here are two sweet breads that I found in Kyoto during March when the Sakura trees are blooming! The Japanese also love to put creams and stuff inside the breads! The bread on the left was filled with adzuki beans!

For Christmas and Halloween!!

All ready for Easter!

A bakery by Ueno Zoo sure knows how to do animal shaped bread!IMG_4812

The bakery in Kita Senju Station is all ready for summer! Whales aaaaaaaannnddddd


Green on the outside, red with chocolate chips on the inside!img_2601.jpg

And other random cute ones!! Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 8.13.16 AM


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