All Aboard! Japan’s Shiki – Shima

The latest addition to Japan Rail East's trains, the ultra luxurious Shiki Shima just returned from it's maiden trip last week! The Shiki Shima (lit. "Four Season Island" - side note - the Japanese are very proud of the fact that there are four distinct seasons in Japan. For some reason, they seem to think … Continue reading All Aboard! Japan’s Shiki – Shima


My Five Favorite Places in Shimane (and Tottori)

Three hours from Osaka, and four hours from Kyoto by bus is Shimane Prefecture, a beautiful rural prefecture in the southwest of Japan, and one of the first places in people inhabited in Japan, is a rather underrated tourist destination. It is full of beautiful rural and historic places to visit, and bordered by the … Continue reading My Five Favorite Places in Shimane (and Tottori)

Osaka Castle – Its Always a Party!

Osaka - the second biggest city in Japan, and well known for being the city with the most eccentric personality, and for Osaka Castle. Osaka Castle, the only traditional Japanese building breaking up a skyline of skyscrapers and the place the last shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, fled to after abdicating his position of shogun, is one … Continue reading Osaka Castle – Its Always a Party!