Concert in Shibuya

As a musician, its only natural that one of my favorite things in the world is to take a twelve hour bus ride to hear concerts (“lives” as the Japanese call them) in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Kime chanNot too long ago, there was a live event for my favorite Jpop/Rock singer and musical theatre actor, Kimeru at the Tsutaya O Nest in Shibuya!! The first portion of the event was a talk portion, during which Kimeru and his panel of four guests (all musical theatre actors) talked about anything and everything. Topics ranged from the latest convenience store foods, to their opinions on the best time of year to visit hot springs, and numerous mishaps that occurred in musicals they had performed in.

The second part was the “live” (concert) in the evening. The atmosphere was electric, and as soon as Kimeru stepped on to the stage, the crowd exploded with cheers. He sang a number of his best hits, including “You Got Game?”, “Dive into the Heart”, “Yes! Elephant!” and “Junk Beat” as well as some of the tunes from musicals he performed in.Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 3.28.51 PM

penlightFor the first time ever, Kimeru encouraged people to bring penlights to the concert. In musicals, every character has a color that they are associated with, and the penlights change colors to match the character that is singing. White for Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the character Kimeru played in “Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock”, blue or yellow for the Seibu Ikebukuro train line he played in “Musical Aoharu Tetsudo” (Musical: Youth Railway)…..


In addition, Kimeru used towels to get the audience involved. Being that this concert was to celebrate Kimeru’s 15 Anniversary as a singer, the towels were printed with “Melky chan” (a little pink rabbit), and all of the other mascots that he has used throughout his time performing.


Kimeru and his guests sang and danced continuously on stage, and after three hours the audience was still screaming for more. After several encores, they thanked us one more time, and laughing, said they would be sore from all the dancing. Though in Japanese fashion, they concluded that it was worth it because they were “so happy” to see us all smiling.


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