Nagoya Live!!!!

Yesterday as a celebration for his 37 birthday, Kimeru sang a concert at Nagoya’s ell.SIZE!

Kime chan 2       The atmosphere, as always at Kimeru’s lives (concerts), was electric. He came on stage, starting the concert with one of his earlier hits, “Pleasure of Love”, immediately getting the audience involved and singing along. Afterwards he sang a number of hits from throughout his career, including “Junk Beat”, “Paradox”, “Kiseki” and his best known tune, “Overlap”.

During breaks between songs, Kimeru and his band talked about various things, although they almost always came back to food. Apparently while Kimeru was on a trip with his fan club, the rest of his band found a restaurant that serves yakiniku (grilled meat with different flavorings) for $1.00 per piece. Kimeru was shocked that it could actually have tasted good while being that cheap (yakiniku is usually pretty expensive), but the band insisted that it was really, really good.

All too soon Kimeru finished with “Voyage” and went off stage. Almost immediately the audience started chanting for him to come back. After a little while, he was back, and sang three more tunes for the encore. Then, after three hours, it was really over. He asked us if we had had fun, and after hearing everyone scream yes, laughed saying that he could tell we did from our smiles, and announced that as we were leaving, he would be at the exit for a “high touch” (high five) meeting with all of us!!

In the end, it was much more than just a high touch. He spent a minute or two talking to everyone individually on their way out.

Kime and band

Kimeru and his band before the concert. From left: Ippei (bass) Taku (drums) Yosshi (keyboard) and Kimeru



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